As a key part of the digital world emerging around us, video is an undisputed media and it in all its forms.

Embedded in a media plan or standalone, interactive or not, everywhere image imposes its power.


Familiar with all those kind of video products, my first mission is to understand your needs and then to adapt and transform your message using the most adequat style.


Here is an overview of my work, a work always made with a good team spirit and always done for the best customer experience.







The centenary of one of the most famous sirup brand. Here is its history and its core values.

Business Continuity Plan

How Orange Business Services handled the situation during the Egyptian revolution. 

An intense and strong period for all employees.  -extract- 


Samsung TabPro S

Here is how the new TabPro S will help any business man in his daily work.

Creation of short videos for media plan.

Orange Business Services - CSO News showreel

A monthly program for international communication.

This program contains three parts: news, report and guest. Around 30 editions made in 7 countries.

Webserie - The Experts SCS

Let’s follow Eric, a young internal reporter within Orange. In this season he will discover Flexible Identity, a new service that will change his way of working. A webserie performed by internal actors. -extract-

French President N. Sarkozy

A speech after Xynthia storm in France.

The French President N. Sarkozy came on site to show his compassion and explain his plan to action.



Orange Business Services 

Live events and Oscars Cérémonies.

Kick Off of various entities.

Here is an extract of the live session for the CSO entity.

Sodexo Ambition 2025

For the launch of its Ambition plan, Sodexo decided to communicate live with its collaborators worldwide. 

Triumph Luxury collection

On the occasion of it’s 125th birthday, Triumph organized a fashion design competition on Paris roofs near the Champs-Élysées.




BPI "Parlons Cash"

In the presence of Nicolas Dufourcq, CEO of BPI France, this digital event is retransmitted live and addresses many issues on investment and innovation in France and internationally.



World Forum of Human Rights - Morocco

Creation of a TV set and various webTV programs. Here, José Luis Zapatero came to explain his point of view about Human Rights in the world.

Live Events 



#Lévénement Live

Terrorist attacks in France and the establishment of the state of emergency raised many questions.
The association of event agencies has decided to organize a big show to try to answer it.

Feeling the atmosphere 



BPI Parlons Cash
Monin 100 years
Monin 100 years
Sodexo Ambition 2025
CSO Go Live
Samsung TabPro
Alpine Z31 Inauguration Le Mans
Dubai shooting Sony
Sony Bravia Seminar
Iam concert Egypt
Prototyp Jaguar XC75
Samsung Innovation week
Hermione shooting team
Hermione departure
Samsung Health week
Orange Business Services Kick Of DGC
Orange Business Services Kick Of DGC
Orange Business Services Kick Of DGC
Orange Business Live green screen
Pharmavalley green screen
Pharmavalley green screen
Gautier Studio
Gautier Studio
DCNS Fremm Maroc
DCNS Fremm Maroc
World Forum of Human Rights
World Forum of Human Rights
World Forum of Human Rights team
World Forum of Human Rights
Egypt shooting CSO
Dubai shooting Sony
shooting CSO news
Conseil Superieur du Notariat
Brasil Petropolis
Alpine Z31 Inauguration Le Mans
Alpine Z31 Inauguration Le Mans
Alpine Z31 Inauguration Le Mans


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